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Understand how fractions, prime numbers, lowest common multiple and greatest common factorwork

These free downloads are designed to answer your questions on how to add fractions, subtract fractions, multiply fraction, and in general, give you a better understanding of how to do fractions, how prime numbers work, how the lowest common multiple and greatest common factor work with fractions.

If you are a teacher, we hope you will find these examples helpful for your lesson plans and teaching fractions.

Included are Sample Lessons from the Mathematics Practice Book, complete with answers.
Each is a seperate download, available as an Adobe Acrobat® file.

Table of Prime Numbers
Lesson 1: Products of Primes (What are Prime Numbers)Lesson 1 Answers
Lesson 2: Prime Factorization TreesLesson 2 Answers
Lesson 3: Factor PairsLesson 3 Answers
Lesson 4: Greatest Common FactorLesson 4 Answers
Lesson 5: Reducing Fractions by InspectionLesson 5 Answers
Lesson 6: Extra Practice Reducing FractionsLesson 6 Answers
Lesson 7: Reducing Fractions by Successive DivisionLesson 7 Answers
Lesson 8: Reducing Fractions By Prime FactorizationLesson 8 Answers
Lesson 9: Multiplication of Fractions (No Cancelling)Lesson 9 Answers
Lesson 10: Multiplication of Fractions (Cancelling by Inspection)Lesson 10 Answers
Lesson 11: Multiplication of Fractions (Repeated Cancelling)Lesson 11 Answers
Lesson 12: Multiplication of Fractions (By Prime Factorization)Lesson 12 Answers
Lesson 13: Division by a FractionLesson 13 Answers
Lesson 14: Least Common Multiple (By Sets of Multiples)Lesson 14 Answers
Lesson 15: Lowest Common Multiple (By Primes)Lesson 15 Answers
Lesson 16: Equivalent FractionsLesson 16 Answers
Lesson 17: Comparing FractionsLesson 17 Answers
Lesson 18: Addition of Like FractionsLesson 18 Answers
Lesson 19: Addition of Unlike Fractions (When One Denominator is a Multiple of the Other)Lesson 19 Answers
Lesson 20: Addition of Unlike Fractions (The Common Denominator is the Product)Lesson 20 Answers
Lesson 21: Addition of Unlike Fractions (Fractions with a Lowest Common Denominator)Lesson 21 Answers
Lesson 22: Subtraction of unlike FractionsLesson 22 Answers
Lesson 23: Improper Fraction to a Mixed NumberLesson 23 Answers
Lesson 24: Addition of Mixed NumbersLesson 24 Answers
Lesson 25: Subtraction from a Whole NumberLesson 25 Answers
Lesson 26: Subtraction of Mixed NumbersLesson 26 Answers
Lesson 27: Subtraction of Unlike Mixed NumbersLesson 27 Answers
Lesson 28: Subtraction of Mixed Numbers (Making Common Denominators and Borrowing)Lesson 28 Answers
Lesson 29: Mixed Numbers to Improper FractionsLesson 29 Answers
Lesson 30: Multiplication of Mixed NumbersLesson 30 Answers
Lesson 31: Division of Mixed NumbersLesson 31 Answers

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